Powerplants - EPC

GTS understands that each individual project requires a wide range of participants including designers, contractors, suppliers, government and local organizations, etc. With our integrated project management team, we will work with these key players, and will organize and manage the full range of services that are necessary to meet project demands. Whether you require a turnkey project execution, need contracts for parts-supply, or need us to seamlessly supplement your team, through accurate planning, project management, quality assurance, and safety standards, we will deliver your product with efficiency, within budget, and on-time.

Project management consists of various components and even though a project may be well understood, adequately financed, consists of well qualified consultants and contractors, and so forth, if each component is not expertly coordinated or skillfully managed, the project may encounter many obstacles. GTS understands this concept well and its project management team works to foresee all obstacles before they occur, to avoid delays and cost increases. Our management process includes:

  • Recognition of priorities
  • Focus on the overall view
  • Full advantage of available resources
  • Foresee and resolve conflicts
  • Assist customers in maintaining steady control of the project and its various elements
Powerplants - EPC