About GTS - Founder and CEO

Sajjad 'Saj' Chaudhry is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of General Turbine Systems (“GTS”).

A graduate of the Utah State University in Electrical Engineering, Saj spent several years learning all aspects of the turbine and power business at Westinghouse. In 1979, he launched General Turbine Systems, Inc. What started as a small garage facility quickly grew to into a worldwide EPC contractor and a major full service repair and overhaul facility for Rolls Royce Allison gas turbines. Saj sold these assets to Cooper Cameron and Rolls Royce in 1998.

Saj then focused in energy on the upstream side of the energy business. He brought the first Chinese drilling rigs to the United States and successfully drilled for gas in the Western Slope region at an altitude of 10,000 feet. He used Chinese rigs for other drilling projects in west Texas. Saj also returned to the turbine and power business with GTS Power Plants Division.

Currently the company provides all manner of services related to power development around the world: Engineering, Procurement and Construction of power plants; Operations and Maintenance Services; Skid Packaging; and Consulting Services to other players in the industry. Saj is highly regarded in his local community for his philanthropic activities. Among his philanthropic projects over the last several years, Saj was responsible for resettling over 50 Bosnian refugee families in the Houston area. After being displaced by the war in the former Yugoslavia, these families were brought to Houston, trained as machinists, and given work by Saj in a startup company he launched for the sole purpose of employing the refugees.

A competitive polo player in his youth, Saj has always had a fondness for horses. Today he is an avid horseman and an active breeder of racehorses on his ranch in Texas.

About GTS - Founder and CEO